Spa and Golf Breaks

Golf and Spa Breaks

Golf and Spa Breaks or Spa and Golf choose the emphasis!

Spa and golf breaks are one of the fastest growing niches within the golf tourism market. As the popularity of the ladies game has grown alongside the increased media coverage of today's famous women golfers, so have the numbers of ladies booking group golf holidays abroad. Golf resorts in Portugal have responded to this new demand and the golf and spa break is now an established part of any major golf operator“s portfolio of golf vacations for women.

Portugal golf resorts, such as the Tivoli Victoria Vilamoura golf hotel Algarve have fantastic golf and spa break facilities and have already established themselves as a favourite with the ladies golf tourist. Many women have traditionally shied away from golfing holidays because of the fact that the market was geared to the needs of the male golfer but all of that has changed and now ladies can enjoy golf and spa breaks and golfing holidays Portugal that are exclusively female.

Ladies Golf and Spa Break - Carvoeiro Algarve From £125

Ladies golf and spa breaks tend to place a great emphasis on relaxation. Spa facilities will include: massage pools, relaxation beds, aquatic massage, sauna and steam baths as well as beauty treatments and holistic healing. There is also an emphasis on good quality cuisine, luxury and comfort. Many of the top golf resorts in Portugal such as Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lago also have shopping zones that carry exclusive ladies fashions and designer brands. There are coffee shops and eateries to enjoy all within a close range of the best golf courses and golf academies in Europe.

There are wonderful facilities in the Algarve and Portugal for ladies golf groups of all ages and golfing abilities to enjoy. Contact us today if you would like more information on golf vacations for women and golf and spa breaks.

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Golf Clubs for Girls

Choosing Girls Golf Clubs requires some thought and experimentation. There are many online retailers of girls golf clubs but before choosing a set of girls golf clubs it is always well worth taking the time to visit a professional golf retailer or golf pro to determine what is the best set of girls golf clubs for you. Your choice of golf clubs will probably be the most important factor of your golf game and requires the input a professional eye. There are so many factors that need to be taken into consideration that it is not a decision that can be taken without professional advice.

You and your own physical attributes are the chief factors in correctly choosing a set of girls golf clubs. Elements such as your height and weight need to be considered along with age and any physical disabilities or limitations. Whether you are left or right handed and how you swing the club: slow, fast, flat or upright will also matter. A professional coach or golf fitter can tell you whether you have a propensity to draw or hook, fade or slice the ball and what sort of shaft flexibility and club head will best suit your own needs.

Once these and other factors have been addressed you can start to look around for new or used golf clubs that fit your game. A standard girls golf club set contains 13 golf clubs (although the rules of the game state that you may carry up to 14 golf clubs) and it is worth talking to a professional about how your personal set of girls golf clubs should be assembled.

Golf and Spa Break

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